Olives and tapenades

When it’s time for a Provençal aperitif, some recipes just can’t stay away. Olives and tapenades, whatever their color or aromatic variation, are among these cultural must-haves. Tapenade is an appellation of well-preserved proportions and know-how. And the olives are prepared with respect for tradition and variety.

Black olives Nyons PDO

A black olive PDO Nyons with a wrinkled colour and gourmet flavours.

Olives noires nyons

Black olives Nyons AOP – NyonsOlive

Black olives from Nyons, traditionally brined by the Nyonsais olive growing cooperative.

Available in 210g jar

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Olives noires herbes de Provence

Black olives with Provence herbs Nyons PDO – NyonsOlive

Olives flavoured with Provence herbs Label Rouge by the Nyonsais olive-growing cooperative

Available in 210g jar

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Olives piment espelette herbes de provence

Black olives with Espelette chilli Nyons PDO – NyonsOlive

Black olives from Nyons fragrances with Espelette pepper by the Nyonsais olive-growing cooperative

Available in 210g jar

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Broken green olives from the Vallée des Baux de Provence

Authentic brine-cured green olives hailing from the esteemed Vallée des Baux de Provence

Olives cassées vertes Moulin Castelas

Green olives from Vallée des Baux – Moulin Castelas

Whole, cracked Salonenque or Béruguette variety green olives immersed in a delicately fennel-infused brine.

Available in 140g bag

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Tapenades with olive oil PDO

Secrets of the perfect aperitif, or exclusive preparation arguments

Tapenade Noir Moulin Castelas

Black olive tapenade with olive oil – Moulin Castelas

Genuine black olive tapenade exquisitely flavoured with Provençal aromas

Available in 110g jar

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Tapenades verte moulin castelas

Green olive tapenade with olive oil – Moulin Castelas

Genuine green olive tapenade, freshly flavoured with Provençal aromas

Available in 110g jar

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Tapenade olive noire de nyons

Nyons PDO black olive tapenade – NyonsOlive

Genuine black olive tapenade exquisitely flavoured with Provençal aromas

Available in 110g jar

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Olive anchovies

An essential product for your aperitifs

Anchoïade Nyons Olives

Nyons PDO black olives anchoïade – NyonsOlive

Exquisite black olives with a hint of anchovy-infused Provençal seasoning

Available in 110g jar

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What is a table green fresh infused olive ?

A specialty that marks the transition from summer’s warmth to the embrace of autumn’s arrival. In Mouriès, a quaint village deeply rooted in Provençal traditions, the annual celebration of the green olive holds significant importance. Amongst the festivities, the competition for the finest olive-breaking skills takes center stage, reflecting the community’s dedication to preserving its cultural heritage.

When the olives are still green and fresh, they are meticulously handpicked and subsequently cracked using a mallet or a traditional pebble. It’s crucial to clarify that the term “breaking” does not involve turning the fruit into a puree of olives. Instead, it refers to delicately splitting a portion of its firm flesh with skill and precision. Clasping onto their stone, the olives are then submerged in cold water for several days, allowing them to slowly shed their bitterness.

In the scenic Vallée des Baux in France, luscious green olives are carefully crushed and then steeped in a traditional brine recipe infused with the essence of wild laurel and fennel branches, resulting in a truly authentic flavour.

What’s the difference between black and green tapenade ?

Tapenade, paste, or cream are different terms used to refer to olive-based spreads. However, the tapenade recipe adheres to such meticulous specifications that it only recognizes two distinct variations: black tapenade and green tapenade.

Black tapenade appears to be the more traditional of the two variations, produced from a blend of capers, anchovies, high-quality olive oil, and ripe black olives. Harvested later in the season, these olives have fully matured, boasting an array of new, intensely fragrant aromas.

The green tapenade presents a delightful twist on the classic recipe, distinguished by its use of olives harvested at the onset of the season, imbuing it with a distinct freshness and vibrancy. Lush and vibrant, green olives offer a herbaceous essence on the palate, accompanied by a distinct bitterness.

Whether it’s green or black, ultimately it comes down to personal preference and palate. In Provence, both variations often grace the aperitif boards, showcasing the diverse tastes and colors appreciated in the region.

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