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An olive oil made from a single variety of olives grown in Provence. Nyons, Grossane et Aglandau can be distinguished by their shape, color and the consistency of their flesh and aromatic notes.. Unique properties that define the specific use of these ingredients in cooking single-variety Olive Oils.

Huile olive grossane

Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Seigneurs des Baux” – Moulin Castelas

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Moulin Castelas

Made from the unique Grossane variety, Seigneur des Baux is a finely fruity extra virgin olive oil.

Available in 50cl glass bottle

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Huile Olive Aglandau Castelas

Aglandau CastelineS – Moulin Castelas

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Moulin Castelas

This oil is perfect for enhancing salads and seasonal fruit salads, and it also complements cooked dishes wonderfully.

Available in 3 sizes from 25cl to 3L

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Nyons Olive bouteille 1L

Nyons Extra Virgin Olive Oil – NyonsOlive

Nyons PDO

Nyonsais Cooperative – Vignolis

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Available in 1L

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What is single-variety olive oil ?

As the name suggests, single-variety olive oil is an olive oil produced from a single-variety of olive. As an emblematic tree of the Mediterranean basin, the Olea Europaea, known as “Olivier”, is a fruit tree that comes in different varieties depending on where it’s planted and the climate it faces. A robust tree, a symbol of peace that adapts to its environment to enhance its horizons and extract local olives. Considered one of the world’s finest olives, the Greek Kalamata olive is the fruit of a variety of olive tree bearing the same name. From this elongated, purplish olive is extracted a fruity Greek olive oil with vegetal notes. In Provence, olive tree varieties are varied and have unique characteristics :

  • Aglandau or Beruguette is a green olive spotted with white spots, its shape is comparable to that of an acorn, its flesh is firm and its oil is a sweet green fruity with almond aromas, walnut and artichoke.
  • Grossane is a purple olive with a spherical shape, soft flesh and black fruity oil with aromas of dried fruit, citrus and tomato.
  • Tanche de Nyons is a “bure de moine” colored olive, with thick, wrinkled flesh and a smooth, sweet black oil with ripe fruit aromas.
  • The Salonenque is a green to yellow olive with a pear shape, soft flesh and a fruity green oil with vegetal aromas.
  • Verdale des Bouches-du-Rhône is a light green olive with white dots, an elongated shape, dense flesh and a green fruity oil with freshly herbaceous green apple aromas.
  • The Picholine is a green olive with a curved shape, firm flesh and an intense fruity green oil with aromas of apple, pear and hay.

How to use single-variety olive oil

The advantage of a single-variety oil lies in its use in the kitchen. Characteristic and unique, they respond to olfactory and gustatory needs.. single-variety olives oils are ideal for seasoning starters, main courses and desserts.

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