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Tradition de saveurs typiques de leurs terres d'origine

On Les Halles Provençales, you’ll find an authentic selection of olive oils from Provence’s traditional mills. From Nyons to the Vallée des Baux de Provence, these prestigious vintages, safeguarded by their appellations, ensure manufacturing methods that honour tradition and respect the richness of their terroir. Whether you’re seeking a Mediterranean flair with ripe character or a herbaceous nuance, you’ll savour the aromas on your palate Black, green, single-variety, organic and flavoured offer a rich, fruity flavour that enthralls enthusiasts throughout the year Concours Général Agricole in Paris.

Regardless of the circumstances, consuming high-quality olive oil is undeniably beneficial for your health due to its honest nutritional value Ensure that bag-in-box, glass bottles, and metal cans, which grace your kitchen shelves, are stored meticulously away from light and heat

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Traditional black olive oils, offering a timeless flavour

Premium olive oils sourced from Provence, naturally boasting a sweeter, fruitier profile and abundant in antioxidants Except for the Tanche (Nyons) and Grossane olive varieties, black olives are simply the ripe fruits of a late harvest, yielding an oil with a uniquely captivating aroma in times gone by, these luxuriously scented olive oils, free from any bitterness or sharpness, were revered as “black fruity“.

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Green olive oils, a timeless freshness

Olive oils from Provence infused with the fresh herbaceous essence of fruit harvested from olive tree branches before reaching full maturity. Verdale, Salonenque, Picholine, and Aglandau are just a few of the olive varieties that, with their robust flesh and vibrant hues, embody the true essence of their Mediterranean heritage in the oils they yield. Traditionally, these “green fruity” olive oils maintain their bitterness and intensity

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Flavoured olive oils, exuding the exquisite aroma of expertise

Olive oils sourced from Provence delicately infused through the simultaneous pressing of local olive varieties and various organic aromatics, resulting in nuanced flavours. It’s a matter of taste, where every vibrant blend uncovers the perfect harmony between the craftsmanship of a traditional mill in the Vallée des Baux de Provence and the aromatic richness of carefully chosen ingredients

Single-variety olive oils

Extra virgin olive oils produced from a singular variety of olives, harvested in Provence. The hue, form, texture of the flesh, and fragrance are among the key factors employed to distinguish the unique flavours of Nyons, Grossane, and Aglandau olive oils. Unique vintages frequently offered in exceedingly limited quantities

Tasting box, intrigued by curiosity or captivated by originality

A harmonious fusion of olive oils sourced from Provence, showcasing the true elegance of a product often overlooked as merely a complement to summer salads or a substitute for traditional cooking fats. This tasting box, offered in various sizes, provides a delightful opportunity for sharing, allowing each olive oil to showcase its unique character during a special tasting experience. A unique, delicious, and nutritious gift idea to delight the recipient.

What are the healthiest olive oils ?

Virgin olive oil

Virgin olive oil is renowned for being particularly healthy, thanks to its high omega-9 content. The omega-9 present in olive oil helps prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease. A study carried out by the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale in Bordeaux, France, has explored the numerous advantages of incorporating virgin olive oil into one’s diet.

Conclusions : The research closely monitored the health of 7625 French people over the age of 65. The highest consumers of virgin olive oil reduce their lifetime risk of suffering a heart attack by around 40%. Olive oil has a positive influence on the regulation of bad cholesterol.

Extra virgin olive oil

The more virgin the oil, the healthier and more beneficial it is. Extra virgin olive oil is the most beneficial olive oil. As well as being elegant and tasty, it’s also responsible for our bodies. These benefits are due in particular to the extra-virgin oil production method, which has reserved most of the antioxidants essential for protecting plants from insects and climatic conditions.

What are antioxidants ?

Nowadays, our external environment (UV rays, tobacco, alcohol, stress, poor diet…) favors the production of cells called free radials which, when sufficiently present in our body, attack our own cells to modify their genetic code. This is how degenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, etc.) and cardiovascular diseases develop, as well as various cancers, cataracts, arthritis and premature aging of the skin…

Good to know :

The more antioxidants it contains, the stronger the bitterness. The newer the oil, the better its health benefits.

Other selection criteria for choosing quality olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the most natural, thanks to a responsible processing method. Otherfactors to consider include the composition of the soil in which the olive trees are planted, the meteorology that affects the quality of a harvest, and the degree of ripeness of the fruit picked.

All these elements combine to create a particular taste, known as Ardence. That herbaceous, spicy, peppery sensation that lingers in the throat after tasting olive oil.

Good to know :

Who said the clothes make the man ? If ever there was a saying to apply to olive oil, it’s this one. The color of the oil says nothing about its quality. Do not select an oil according to its color.

What’s more, if the packaging leaves no room for light to enter, the oil will be all the better for it. That’s why you can find small metal cans in our online store.

Enfin, de nombreux consommateurs ont la fâcheuse tendance à se fier au degré d’acidité de l’huile d’olive. Big mistake ! This is a biochemical measure of quality, not taste. The higher the acidity, the worse the quality of the oil !

*Protected Designation of Origin (PDO): Quality labels that protect local products from audacious imitations and counterfeits.